Junior Golf Coaching Guide

Junior Golf Coach

Junior Golf Coaching – A Useful Guide If you’ve got your child into golf, or are considering getting them into golf, it can be daunting to know where to begin.  Whether it’s equipment, where to practice, affordability, costs, coaching, competitions, membership and everything else, golf is unique in its complexity. It is often the case […]

A Guide to Buying Junior Golf Clubs

Junior Golf

A Guide To Buying the Best Junior Golf Clubs If you’ve found us, welcome to Noisy Golf!  Noisy golf is a UK family run business, founded in 2020 and dedicated to all things junior golf. Chances are, by finding us, you’ve taken the first step into getting your child into playing golf!  What an amazing […]

Junior Golf Q&A – Billy Kerr, Australia

Billy Kerr Junior Golf

Our latest Q&A comes all the way from Melbourne, Australia!  5 year old, Billy – from Melbourne – is golf mad and is proving to be quite a natural.  We spoke with Billy and his parents to learn about his love for golf and how it all began! Tell us about yourself! Ever since if […]

Junior Golf Q&A – Nora Sophie Johnsen

Nora Johnsen Junior Golf

Our latest junior golf Q&A is here and features our very first junior golfer from Norway! We spoke with 12 year old Nora Sophie, and her mum, about her love of golf and her ambitions. Nora has been playing since she was a toddler and is a regular at Oslo Golf Club. We think she […]

Junior Golf Coach Q&A – Jess Heap

Jess Heap Golf

This week we spoke with Jess Heap as part of our Q&A’s on all things golf.  Jess, an accredited PGA Professional based out of Milton Keynes, has experienced golf both in and outside of the ropes and we were keen to learn more! Tell us about yourself! I grew up in Cyprus, where I started […]

Junior Golf Coach Q&A – Megan Johnston, Florida

Megan Johnston Golf

Our latest Q&A is with Megan Johnston, First Tee and Girls Golf Junior Coach.  Originally from Northern Ireland, Megan now resides in Florida, United States, having settled since moving there following a division one college scholarship.  Megan took time from her busy schedule for us to learn more about her golfing journey and the golfing […]

Penbersport Report. Part 2 – Junior Golf Report from Oliver Penberthy

Oliver Penberthy Golf

Hello all Noisy Golfers!! Last weeks test of endurance was the Northants Golf Junior County championship, a single day 36 hole nett and gross competition off white tees for u18 boys and red tees for girls – this year held at Peterborough Milton Golf Club.  The course was in great condition, so well done to […]

Junior Golfer Q&A – Alfie Hill, Hampshire

Alfie Hill Junior Golf

Our latest junior golf Q&A is here and features 7 year old Alfie, a junior golfer from England! We spoke with Alfie and his Dad, James from Hampshire about their love of golf. Tell us about yourself and what interests you have besides golf?  I love playing sports and English History! Most of my weekends […]

Penbersport Report – Oliver Penberthy, Golf Diary

Oliver Penberthy Golf

20th May 2021 Hello Noisy Golfers! Preparing for an important event comes with the added essential knowledge of finding an aspect of your game that needs working on and making it a strength again.  As I know, from experience, preparation is key!   I need to make sure all of my equipment is where it needs […]

Junior Golf Coach Q&A – Bernie Tan, Singapore

Junior Golf Coach Bernie Tan

This week our Junior Golf Coach Q&A sees our very first Q&A from Asia!  We spoke with the lovely Bernie Tan in Singapore to learn about her journey into golf. Thanks so much for speaking with us Bernie! Tell us about yourself. Hi my name is Bernie Tan, I started playing golf when I was […]