Hello all Noisy Golfers!!

Last weeks test of endurance was the Northants Golf Junior County championship, a single day 36 hole nett and gross competition off white tees for u18 boys and red tees for girls – this year held at Peterborough Milton Golf Club.  The course was in great condition, so well done to the greenkeepers during this very wet May.  It was a gruelling challenge but a great experience nonetheless!

After studying the course planner and drawing on previous knowledge of the Club I was as prepared as I’d ever be.  Of course no one can prepare for the unpredictable UK weather these days !

During practice I endeavoured to lengthen my swing which paid dividends on the day, as well as working on improving my ball position with the longer clubs.

Mental strength is of the essence in these major events and some players didn’t even finish, some had bad rounds but stuck it out, but without exception everyone was physically and mentally exhausted by the end of the 36 holes.

I think my highlights from this competition would be my 45 yard pitch-in on hole 13, a wedge shot from 65 yards to within a couple of feet on 10 and also I think I drove the ball well on a course with encroaching fairways and wet and windy conditions, which is never easy.

I was pleased with my positioning in the combined results over the two rounds, particularly my gross place.  Lots more to learn and practice.

I couldn’t finish without mentioning Phil Mickelson’s magnificent win at the weekend, lots of dads out there thinking there’s still time and his performance was a true inspiration to many!

As always, on to the next tee !


And now in French!

Bonjour  Noisy Golfers

Mes souvenirs des championnats juniors du comté de Northamptonshire

Cette compétition annuelle de 36 trous par jour est un test de force mentale et physique, un défi épuisant!

faites toujours votre préparation, regardez les survols de parcours et les planificateurs

J’ai été particulièrement satisfait de mon placement brutal par une journée venteuse et pluvieuse.

Au prochain tee!



Thanks so much again Ollie, we’re really enjoying your reports and getting brilliant feedback from our growing number of Noisy Golfers.

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