A Guide To Buying the Best Junior Golf Clubs

If you’ve found us, welcome to Noisy Golf!  Noisy golf is a UK family run business, founded in 2020 and dedicated to all things junior golf.

Chances are, by finding us, you’ve taken the first step into getting your child into playing golf!  What an amazing journey you are about to embark on!  To support parents, we want to provide as much insight as possible into purchasing junior golf clubs.

Purchasing your child’s first set of golf clubs can be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be.  Having been through this experience as parents, we’re well equipped to provide with you everything you need to know about buying junior golf clubs.

Some of the many questions we get asked are…

Are Junior Golf Clubs Expensive?
Yes and no.  The price of junior golf clubs will vary depending on the age/size of your child.  The smaller/younger your child, the less expensive golf clubs will be.  Expect to pay around £119.99 for golf clubs for children aged 3-5 years, £139.99 6-8 years, £169.99 9-11 years and up to £279.99 for clubs  for children aged 12 years plus.

Should you not have the budget to purchase a junior golf set, individual clubs can be purchased on a variety of golfing retail websites.  You can have fun with your child before committing to purchasing a set.

Do I Need to Buy A Bag Too?
All junior golf club sets include a bag as part of the package.

Are Golf Clubs Sized By Age?
No.  Junior golf clubs are sized by height, rather than age.  Two main junior golf club brands – MKids and US Kids Golf, colour code their golf club sets to make it easier to know what clubs are best suited for your child.  For example, MKids yellow golf clubs   are suitable for a player with a height of 45 inches, or 115cm.  Your child may need a new set every three to four inches growth in height.

What Is Different About Junior Golf Clubs?
Junior golf clubs have different design specifications.  For example, a lighter and larger head, more flexible shaft and smaller grips, promotes easier ball striking.  This helps build confidence in youngsters out on the range and the course.

Can I Just Cut Down Adult Clubs?
You can, but we strongly advise not to.  Adult golf clubs have a heavier and less forgiving head, less loft, heavier shaft and thicker grips.  This makes golf a lot more difficult for children, which requires significantly more strength and skill.  Cutting down adult clubs is more likely to result in making the game harder and less rewarding.

Are Left Handed Junior Golf Clubs Available?
If your child is a left handed golfer (both of our children are); your child accounts for what is around 10-12% of golfers.  All junior golf club manufacturers make left handed clubs.  Generally speaking, they are readily available.

What Brands Do I Need to Look For?
We work with a third party to supply MKids golf clubs.  Other brands we recommend are US Kids Golf and Golphin.  Should your junior player become more advanced and serious about the game, one of golf’s biggest brands – Ping.  Ping have their Prodi-G range, which are built to fit and are priced at around £499.

What Other Accessories Do I Need?
Walking a golf course for a child can be challenging.  Whilst junior golf club bags are lightweight, with balls, accessories and drinks, they can get heavy, pretty quickly.  Thankfully, there are a number of junior golf trolleys available within the £45-75 price range.

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We hope you find this helpful, good luck in your golfing journey!


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