Hello Noisy Golfers,

I wanted to share with you my Christmas golf tale, the reason I’m obsessed with golf today.

T’was a gloomy Sunday 16 December morn, way back in 2018 when I attended the selection day for the Northamptonshire Player Development Programme, designed to find and raise young golfers into the County set up and beyond.

How did I get here you may wonder? During the summer I played in a few competitions organised by the original Shires Tour and there, it was later discovered that County Coaches were scouting for talented, young players.  You just never know who may be watching your progress and behaviour while on the course!

Being new to competition golf and with a handicap of 48, I was incredibly excited and determined to have the opportunity to be part of a new Elite Junior Academy.  The day consisted of skills assessments and on course play. I was among many talented players with far more experience and much lower handicaps, but I had drive and ambition.

A few days passed, and early on 21 December we were walking along the concourse at the airport on our way to Germany when dad received a call from (as I think of him, the Angel Gilbrook) who had chatted with the Three Wise Coaches, and decided that despite my inexperience, I highlighted the requirements of attitude, willingness to work hard and learn, confidence in a group, natural talent and skill level.

Dad confirmed I wouldn’t let them down whilst mum waved frantically for us to get to the departure gate! As we scrambled like headless chickens for our seats on the plane dad explained that I had been selected for the programme and what was required of me.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you with news like that I could very easily flown to Germany without the plane.

Anyone who loves golf understands this was a Christmas wish come true for me, despite the obstacles the last couple of years have presented to us, all my love of golf has grown exponentially and it all began one Christmas when The Angel Gilbrook and his Three Wise Coaches believed in me.

So this Christmas I would say to all Noisy Golfers, Christmas wishes do come true, keep believing!

On to the next tee

Ollie @penbersport

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