Hello Noisy Golfers!!

Hope you have all enjoyed an incredible and eventful summer of golf and have had plenty of time for fun and opportunity to develop your game.

For myself, I have played over forty games in the last sixty days. These have been Social, Club, County and County league. T he summer holidays are always a great time to bag some bounty and with some solid scores in big competitions, my confidence is continuing to rise with every round.

Like I have said in my previous blog, I have always swore by the saying ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’, and so I always make sure I am ready and that my mind is clear to take on the upcoming challenge before I grace the fairways. I try to revisit previous rounds at the same course to understand where my struggles were and to strengthen any weak aspects of my game.

During lessons I have been working on extending the swing arc to try and maximise distance, to give myself an advantage against the course, as well as proceeding to strengthen the reverse hand putting grip, which is proving successful. If you struggle with pushing your putts, this grip is useful as it stops a majority of manipulation in the putter face.

Finally, and arguably my biggest competition so far this summer holiday has been the Keith Tripp Trophy, with the honour of representing my County against three others counties, in a team of eight, best seven gross scores counting. My success in the Northamptonshire Golf League with aggregate scores achieving a top 10 gross spot going into the final has no doubt helped with my inclusion in the Midlands U14 Boys Championship and if that’s not enough to handle, we’re back to school!

I will keep you posted on my handle @penbersport.

On to the next tee!!


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