Hello Noisy Golfers!

It’s been a while…  I’ve had my head in my text books for the last few weeks for end of year exams.  Only escaping for a couple of competitions, notably the Progress Tour and the Northamptonshire County Golf Club Junior Championships.

Today, I wanted to firstly mention something we don’t talk about so much,  and that’s the game that runs away from you.  Golf is mainly a solo sport and when it’s not going well, it can be a lonely place.  The disappointment of an average round can cling to you like a bad smell – reruns of a poor shot haunt your dreams!  We’ve all tried to look upbeat when asked at school or by friends ‘did you win?’  Expectations run high and support can run low when your game takes a temporary dip.   It’s worth remembering even the great Tiger Woods, The GOAT 🐐, has a winning percentage of 22%!

For myself, I’m going to try harder to not be so hard on myself, and if this resonates, try to be kinder to your own self too.

To paraphrase my Maths teacher Mrs C and Jon Rahm, who recently won the U.S. Open,

The comeback is always greater than the setback’

This is how I felt on the first tee for the Northampton Golf Junior Club Championship at the weekend.  Needing a return to form, something to build on and with support from some inspiring players, I found it!  Bringing all parts of my game together for the rounds, in windy and challenging conditions on both days, including an effective change to a reverse handed putting style, which proved pivotal!  It requires something special to win in a field of predominantly 20 or below handicappers and a final nett round 69, -3 under sealed it!  Back in the game and excited for the upcoming fixtures!!!

Onto the next tee!

Ollie @penbersport

#Team Noisy


Hola Noisy Golfers !

estás mirando al campeón neto de golf de este año para Northampton Junior Golf Club!

Recuerda que el regreso siempre es mejor que el reves

en el siguiente tee

Ollie @penbersport

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