20th May 2021

Hello Noisy Golfers!

Preparing for an important event comes with the added essential knowledge of finding an aspect of your game that needs working on and making it a strength again.  As I know, from experience, preparation is key!   I need to make sure all of my equipment is where it needs to be and in great condition to enable peak performance on the day.

This week, to enable this preparation, I have had a lesson working on the width of my swing to encourage longer drives and greater swing speed throughout the bag.

I have spent time fine tuning my short game and putting, plus a couple of nine hole rounds to put my practice aims into play, as well as all of the course information and flyovers I watch an take note of for my competitions.

County Round Up…
Northamptonshire County Under 14s Vs Cambridgeshire (Matchplay)

The round against the Cambridgeshire team started with a threat of inclement weather, but luckily, for the most part, the weather held up.  The match started with a highlight at the third, where I holed a 30 foot putt from off the green for the half.  It was a tight match, but after the front nine, the Cambridgeshire boys got the advantage.  Heading into the singles on the back nine, I was ready and excited and managed to pull back an early two down deficit to be all square playing the penultimate hole, but after a stroke of bad luck on the last, I ended up just missing out on my point.

In my view it was a success in my first game and the team, whether win or lose, showed great sportsmanship and I was proud to be part of such a great side in a very enjoyable match.

Onto the next tee!


The super talented and multilingual Oliver, wanted to also share his experience with a Spanish summary for our growing global audience!  


County U14s Boys Matchplay Vs Cambridgeshire

–               Preparación es mucho importante!

–               Mi bolso y mi mente están en buenas condiciones.

–               Mis amigos me han deseado suerte!

–               Estoy listo por el primer tee!

–               Para mi, divertirme es la parte mas importante del golf(pero tambien me gusta golpear bombas!!)

–               Partido desafiante! Luche hasta el final! He aprendido a asegurarme de mantenerme concentrado en cada dispara.

En el siguiente tee!!

Oliver Penberthy


Gracias Ollie!

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