Our newest feature on Noisy News is our Parent and Child Q&A!

This week we spoke with Bethany and her son Kade from Leicester to find out about their love of golf and how it fits around their daily lives.

Tell us about yourselves!
Kade is 6 years old (nearly 7)!  Kade loves to play golf and over the years, his dedication and determination has been stronger than ever!  Especially with the pandemic.  Kade hit his first golf ball when he was around 18 months old.  Seeing his Dad enjoy playing, he wanted to be a part of that too!  We bought him his own little set and it went from there!

Kade was very young when he first became interested.  We would go up to the local field on days that his Dad went off to play golf.  It has always been something that he has enjoyed doing and being a part of!

How did you go about getting Kade to play golf?
We started to take Kade to the driving range when he was around 3 years old.  He was desperate to up his game and do more.  After about a year, his Dad took him onto the pitch and putt course.  From there we have watched Kade flourish and develop so much!

We looked around for lessons for him, but it seemed he was too young at the time.  Upon turning 6 years old, he became more determined and wanted to push himself again.  We came across the Golf Cubs, who were brilliant and pointed us in the right direction.  Kade visited the Leicestershire Golf Club, where he has gone from strength to strength.  First playing 9 holes and now 18, to taking part in Flag 50 events too!

What’s the best thing about golf?
Kade says the best thing about golf is “hitting the ball with his driver and keep trying to get better and hit the ball further!”


Junior Golfer - Kade from Leicester
Kade, from Leicester sporting his Noisy Golf Space shirt!

What advice would you give to parents with children interested in golf?
Always show support, even if you don’t play yourself.  Put as much effort in as you can, to help them enjoy it.  And don’t take it too seriously!  Golf is only good if it’s fun!

What has surprised you about the junior golf space?
I was surprised that a golf set will only last around a year!  This isn’t something that we realised at the beginning.  Kade is already onto his third set!  Golf clothing is hard to come by, that is decent and durable.  We were so pleased when Noisy Golf launched!

We were also very surprised by the talent of the junior golfers Kade has played alongside.  Some of the juniors that he follows online, especially at such young ages!

Who are your golfing inspirations?
My Dad, my Grandad and Tiger Woods!

If you could play any course in the world, where would it be?
Pebble Beach Golf Course in California!

Fantastic!  Thanks so much Bethany and Kade.  It’s great to see you both making amazing golfing memories and sharing your journey.  We look forward to seeing Kade’s continued development in the coming months and years!

If you’re the parent of a budding junior golfer and would like to be involved in our Q&A, get in touch with us via our social media channels or contact us!

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