Junior Golf – Dad and Lad Q&A

We are delighted to have recently spoken with Lee and Tommy (7).  Both can be found at the Tommy Fleetwood Academy, Formby.  Tommy is a Southport based junior golfer, who loves his golf, swimming and is also a big Manchester United fan!

Lee – Do you play golf and what age did you start?
I started golf later than Tommy.  I was about 13 years old and continued to play until about 25.  When my kids arrived, the clubs went in the loft.  I was a artisan member a Southport Municipal.  My favourite course to play was the Hesketh Golf Club...  Great course!   Since Tommy started, my love for the game is back and regulary play a round with Tommy.  Which I love doing!  I’m still playing with the same 33 year old clubs!

When did Tommy Take an interest in golf, and how did you encourage this?
It was a rainy afternoon and I thought I would take Tommy (4 yrs old) to the local driving range to hit some balls.  He didn’t need much encouraging as he loved whacking balls.

Where did he first play and did you choose this club/range for a particular reason?
Tommy first played at Southport Golf Academy.  We chose SGA as it was on our doorstep and has two excellent golf professionals – James and Richie.  They’ve both become good friends of  Tommy.  He is also a member at the Tommy Fleetwood Academy where Norman – the golf coach – has really encouraged Tommy out his shell.  He is now a more confident golfer. 

How did you feel taking Tommy to play for the first time?
I didn’t know what to expect really.  I was excited to see what he thought and I soon discovered he had a natural golf swing.

What advice would you give to parents whose child is showing an interest in golf?
I would certainly encourage it as it’s a great sport.  As the kids grow they meet new friends join a club/academy.  It also teaches etiquette from an early age and gives a good level of fitness.

 Tommy; What is your favourite thing about golf?
At the moment my new favorite thing about golf is the competition.  I love to try and win prizes.  When I was younger it was the Mars bar after the range!

Tommy Ellis - Junior Golf Shirt
Tommy sporting his Noisy Golf Hero Shirt and Snood!

What is the best shot you’ve ever hit?
It has to be on hole 4 at Southport Golf Academy from about 110 yards.  It was 6-iron, between the bunker and water landed on the edge of the green for my 1st birdie putt.  And I beat my dad on this hole!

Who is your biggest golf influence?
Tommy Fleetwood (my hero) because he has the same first name as me and is really talented at golf.

Favourite shot to play?
It has to be my new driver, it’s awesome!!!

What are your biggest strengths?
My 7-iron!  It always gets me out of trouble!

What areas of your game are you working on most?
Currently, I’m working mainly on my chipping.  Working with my sand-wedge and opening up the club face.

If you could play any course in the world, where would it be?
Anywhere the Sun shines!  Like Spain.  My Dad says he wants to play St. Andrew’s and Augusta National.  He definitely needs to win the lottery first!

Thanks so much Lee and Tommy.  It’s wonderful for us to get to know you more.  We’ll be watching your development with interest in the coming years.  Best wishes for your golf future and thank you for speaking with Noisy Golf!

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