Our latest player Q&A is the amazing Laila Ayala, aged 7, from Central Florida in the United States.  Laila is a golf fanatic and since starting lessons has never, ever missed one!

We spoke to Laila to learn more about why she loves golf!  Check out her profile on Instagram (managed by Mum) here @tee.time.fore.laila 

Tell us about yourself!
Hi! My name is Laila and I am in second grade.  I just love golf so much and it is my favorite sport! I also participate in tap dancing, hip-hop dancing, ballet, gymnastics and soccer.  But on the golf course is my favorite place to be.

What’s your first golfing memory?
I still remember my first golfing memory, I went to a Girl’s Golf clinic a year and a half ago and I didn’t even know how to hold a golf club.  Thankfully my Coach Melissa was the leader of the clinic and she showed me how.  I’m laughing right now thinking about how funny it was when I tried to hit the ball and didn’t even come close.

What’s the best thing about golf?
My favorite thing about golf is getting to play with others and making new friends. I met my best friend Lilli at a golf clinic.  I love getting better after each practice too!

Who is your golfing inspiration/favourite player?
Ohhh I have a few.  I think my coaches Melissa Chivers and Megan Johnston are so great and I love learning from them.  I have three golfing friends that are older than me – Addy C, Shannon A. and Manuela C. they are really amazing at golf and I want to be like them when I grow up because they are so nice and help me.

My favorite professional player is Cheyanne Knight because she was really kind to me when I met her at a tournament.

What’s the best shot you’ve ever played?
My best so far is when I got a par during a practice hole with Coach Megan and also when I got 3 hole in ones when I was playing mini golf during a field trip with Coach Melissa.

What’s in the bag?
In my pink golf bag, I have my driver, sand wedge, chipping wedge and putter – they are all pink!  And I have pink tees and pink golf balls – can you tell pink is my favorite color?  I also have a unicorn water bottle and unicorn hand sanitizer because of the Coronavirus.

What is the best part of your game?
Driving is my favorite part but Coach Megan said my putting is really good so that is probably my best part.

What areas are you working hard to develop?
I am working hard to learn as many rules of tournament play and practicing on the golf course so I can participate in tournaments.

What are your golfing ambitions?
My goal is to play in a few tournaments and then eventually become a professional golfer.  I love changing the meaning of LPGA to Laila Professional Golfer Ayala!

If you could play any course in the world, where would it be?
I would love to play on any golf course near Bristol England because my Great Grandma lives in Bristol and I would love for her to watch me golf one day.

Who would be your dream Four-ball?
I would love it if my friend Lilli and I could play against Coach Melissa and Coach Megan – I think we would laugh so much.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to answer these questions! I had so much fun answering them. Have a lovely day. From Laila.

The pleasure is all ours Laila!  As well as your questions, we just loved the pictures you shared with us.  The embodiment of Noisy Golf!

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