We are delighted to have recently spoken with Maribel. Maribel is a 9 year old junior golfer from Chester, Cheshire!

You may recognize her as our clothing model throughout our website. She’s such a lovely girl and was an absolute star in front of the camera!  We’ve got to know Maribel well since launching Noisy and was great to get more insight into her own golfing game!

Tell us about yourself
I like ballet and street dance and also enjoy judo.  I love going on city breaks and visiting art galleries.

What age did you start playing golf?
I was 4 years old. I prefer not to look at the videos from back then, they are so bad they make my toes curl!

What is your first golfing memory?
I enjoyed swinging a stick around, when I was much younger!

What do you like most about golf?
When I’m in a bad mood I can take it out on the ball.  Unfortunately, golf is a very frustrating game and sometimes it can put me in a bad mood.

What is the best shot you’ve ever hit?
I hit a great shot that went 153 yards at 80mph!

Who is your biggest golf influence?
Tony Davies, my coach.  He knows how to handle my golf induced moods!

Who do you play golf with?
My Dad or the kids at the Saturday club (before the pandemic, of course).

Who is your favourite player?
I’m a Rory McIlroy fan-girl.  I love everything about his game!

Who is your biggest fan?
My Aunt is my biggest fan but also my biggest critic, which is a bit rich when she can’t even hit a ball!

Favourite shot to play?
Definitely using my driver!

What are your strengths?
Driving and determination.  I won’t give up even if I have to play through my tears.

What areas of your game are you working on most?
Thanks to this pandemic it’s going to have to be all of them when things get back to normal.

If you could play any course in the world, where would it be?
Miami Country Club.  I like warmth and the freedom to speak Spanglish and still be understood.

What advise would you give to girls who want to play golf?
It’s not just a boy’s game, it’s just as much fun and as annoying for girls.  Plus it’s great to beat boys at what they think is their game. 

Thanks so much Maribel and you look amazing in our Noisy gear!  We’ll be watching your development with interest in the coming years.  Best wishes for your golf future and thank you for all of your support with Noisy Golf!


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