Our latest junior golf Q&A is here and features our very first junior golfer from Australia!

We spoke with Charli and her Dad, Glenn from Australia about their love of golf and the ambitions of the super talented 10 year old leftie.  Charli has been competing in US Kids Golf tournaments and has been selected as part of the Australian Golf Foundation Scholarships program 2021.

Tell us about yourself and what interests you have besides golf? 
I’m a 10 year old girl golfer. I live in Melbourne Australia.  Love to read and draw, I have started learning digital drawing on an iPad.
I have started playing cricket last year, I love batting and want to smash it every time.  I bat left handed even though I am right handed.

How did you first get into golf and how old were you when you first started playing?
I first got into golf when my Dad would go to the driving range and I wanted to copy my dad.  So he got me some plastic clubs to have fun with.  The Pro at Keilor Scott Wearne then gave me a couple of cut down clubs and I started having group lessons on a Saturday morning at 8am. That was 3 years ago and all that were in that group are still having a hit 3 years later.

What’s your first golfing memory?
Meeting Georgia Hall in a tournament here in Melbourne, she was so nice. I even scored a photo with her.  I follow her on Instagram and always look out for her on the TV when golf is on.

Where do you currently play?
I am a member Kooringal Private Golf Club (where I have my scholarship) and also Keilor Golf Club. But I love to play at as many courses as I can.  I am collecting ball markers from every club I play at so far I have 18 In my collection.

Tell us about the Australian Golf Foundation Scholarship…
The scholarship is a Golf Australia initiative about getting more girls involved in golf and helping them with the skills to build a base to continue on with a passion for golf.  Weekly lessons and course time plus guidance from established women at the club and Jodie the Pro there.

[parent] How does Charli’s golf positively impact on you as a family? 
As a family we spend a lot of time out in the fresh air.  Less time on devices 🙂
We have met some amazing people and made some awesome friends as a result.  Nothing better on a summer afternoon to squeeze in some golf, watch Charli run through the sprinklers on the course and enjoy ice cream afterwards.

[parent] What advice would you give to other parent’s whose children have shown an interest in golf?
Get them involved!  Golf is brilliant not just for the sport but building kids interpersonal skills – like shaking hands and looking your players in the eye.

It teaches kids some fundamentals- counting shots, rules and etiquette.
Fresh air everywhere, sunshine, rain too.
Golf is one of the only sports where parents and kids can play together regardless of age. Its a sport you can play anywhere in the world. (Golf always forms apart of our holiday plans).

Charli has golf friends all around the world. Even another Charli who has the same birthday, same spelling of name, is left handed and also has a coach called Scott, but lives in New Zealand.  Can’t wait to meet her and play golf in New Zealand!

What’s in the bag?
Ping Prodigy clubs.  Stiff shafts now!
Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track balls- bright lime yellow
Garmin view finder
Alignment sticks for practice
Flouro golf tees
pencils for scoring
Loads of ball markers

How often do you currently practice?  
I have group lessons Friday and Saturday, Scholarship classes Sundays.
We go to our local golf course 2-3 times a week and meet up with my friends Matilda or Alexia and have a hit on a few holes.
Plus tournaments now too.

What are the biggest strengths in your game? 
I think my 3 wood is one of my faves – but I hit my driver just as far as the boys!

What areas of your game are you working hardest to develop?
Putting, putting, putting!
I was in a video conference with Golf Australia and our guest speaker was Minjee Lee Australian professional golfer and she said on one occasion she practise putted for 4-5 hours. Putting is one of the most difficult things.

What’s the best shot you’ve ever hit?
I love my 60 degree wedge and I love playing the flop Shot.  I hit a flop over a bunker with little green to work with and stopped it within half a foot from the whole.  Very satisfying!

[parent] Proudest moment?  
Mum- On the Golf Australia Camp, Charli was presented with the “Sprit of Golf Australia” award and was given a ladies Australian Olympic shirt from the Rio Olympics signed by the 2 Australian representatives.  To me it wasn’t just about a sports result but what else also goes into being a good sportsperson.

Dad – pretty hard to argue with mum’s but when she first qualified for School Sports Victoria final comp.

[parent] What are Charli’s ambitions in golf?
Hahahaha, a private jet. But seriously she would love to be a professional golfer

What’s the best thing about golf?  

There is a lot…….
My friends and meeting new people who also love golf.
Having fun.
Getting birdies.

Who is your dream Fourball?
Georgia Hall, Hannah Green, Minjee Lee and Tiger, but everyone says him!

What course would you love to play most.
Augusta and we’d  love o

Dubai at night 🙂

Who would you most like to meet in the world of golf?
Tiger Woods for sure and he has a son called Charlie so that would be great.

I have met some awesome women golfers and I can’t wait for the LPGA to start the tour in Australia again so I can go watch.

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us.  It’s great to see someone so talented enjoy the game so much. We look forward to seeing your game develop in the coming years and wish you all the success.

You can follow Charli’s progress on her Instagram account @charliedwardsgolf 

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