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We are delighted to have recently spoken with golfing siblings – Edward and Esme from the Wirral.  We were interested to learn about the dynamics of their relationship on the course and how they differ in their techniques and style.  Edward, 8 years old and Esme 10 years old, both share a love of golf, but away from the course, have different passions.  We spoke with them to find out more.

Tell us about yourselves!

Other than golf, what else do you enjoy doing?

(Edward) Playing Football for Upton Juniors, playing games on the PS4 and pool.

(Esme) I have a passion for art, painting and drawing as well as baking which, I have managed to do through lockdown via online classes.

What age did you start playing golf?

(Edward) I started having lessons at Sandiway Golf Club when I was five years old.

(Esme) I started playing on a golf course when I was seven years old.

What is your first golfing memory?

(Edward) I was two years old, hitting golf balls into a net in the back garden.

(Esme) I remember when I was about four years old having fun hitting colourful golf balls to a target in our back garden.

What do you like most about golf?

(Edward) Playing with my friends at Wallasey Golf Club and hitting the ball as far as possible! 

(Esme) I like that you can make new friends and have fun together. I love to hit the ball a long way with my clubs with the aim to get a good score.

What is the best shot you’ve ever hit?

(Edward) Making a 20ft putt for Birdie on the par three 5th at Wallasey.

(Esme) I remember playing in a knockout competition at Wallasey, on the par three 12th.  I just missed getting a hole-in-one.  I ended up with a birdie, I felt really proud with myself.

Who is your biggest golf influence?

(Edward) My Dad, because he helps me be the best I can be at everything I do.  My golf coach Tony also helps me with my swing.

(Esme) My Dad has helped me from a young age.  Over the past few years my golf coaches, Martin (Vicars Cross) and Tony (Foregolf).

Who do you play golf with?

(Edward) Most of my time is spent playing at Wallasey with the junior section, Liam, Harry, Emile, and Harris.  I also play with my Dad and Sister when we get time.

(Esme) Most of my time is spent playing at Wallasey with the junior section, Sophie, Macy and Abi.  I also play with my Dad and brother when we get time.

Do you play together often?

(Edward & Esme) Most weekends and in the week in the Summer.  

Is there any sibling rivalry?

(Edward) Yes, most of the time I want to beat Esme.

(Esme) Yes, most of the time I want to beat Edward.

Who is your favourite player? Why?

(Edward) DJ (Dustin Jonson) He is a great player, he hits the ball a long way and he won the 2020 Masters!

(Esme) Georgia Hall is my favourite player because she was the first British player I started watching on TV.

Who is your biggest fan?

(Edward) Yes it’s my Dad.

(Esme) Most definitely it is my Mum.

How do you think they support you?

(Edward) Because he helps me learn from my mistakes to become a better golfer.

(Esme) Because she is kind and helpful when I need it, whether I play good or poorly.

Favourite shot to play?

(Edward) Putting because I have a new club and I enjoy getting the ball in the hole.

(Esme) Hitting my Driver straight and long.

What are your strengths?

(Edward) I am confident with my all round game (driving, hybrid, chipping and putting).

(Esme) It’s my Three Hybrid, because I am quite confident when I pick this club.

What areas of your game are you working on most?

(Edward) Chipping and Putting.

(Esme) Bunker shots and Putting.

If you could play any course in the world, where would it be?

(Edward) I have a 2021 calendar of best courses in the world, I would like to play at Pebble Beach, California.

(Esme) Augusta National, I enjoyed the Masters this year and the course looks amazing.

What advice would you give to friends who want to play golf?

(Edward) Learn the basics, grip, stance and swing. Then have Fun!

(Esme) Get lessons and Practice, Practice, Practice.

Thanks so much Edward and Esme, it’s wonderful for us to get to know you more, we’ll be watching your development with interest in the coming years.  Best wishes for your golf future and thank you for speaking with Noisy Golf!

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