Tee Up Your Skills: The Essential Golf Rules Every Young Golfer Should Learn

Golf Rules

Golf is a game that has been enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds for centuries. It’s a sport that requires both physical and mental prowess, and mastering its essential rules is key to becoming a successful golfer. For young golfers, learning the basic rules of the game is an essential step towards developing […]

Penbersport Report – Part 4

Oliver Penberthy Golf

Hello Noisy Golfers!! Hope you have all enjoyed an incredible and eventful summer of golf and have had plenty of time for fun and opportunity to develop your game. For myself, I have played over forty games in the last sixty days. These have been Social, Club, County and County league. T he summer holidays […]

Junior Golf Q&A – Sia Khoda, Leicester

Junior Golf Sia Khoda

Junior Golfer Q&A – Sia, 5 years old, Leicestershire At just 5 years old, Sia is two years into her golf journey and loving every minute! We caught up with her to learn more about her love of golf. Tell us about yourself and what you like doing besides golf?   I like learning to […]

Junior Golf Q&A – Nora Sophie Johnsen

Nora Johnsen Junior Golf

Our latest junior golf Q&A is here and features our very first junior golfer from Norway! We spoke with 12 year old Nora Sophie, and her mum, about her love of golf and her ambitions. Nora has been playing since she was a toddler and is a regular at Oslo Golf Club. We think she […]

Junior Golf Q&A – Charli Edwards, Australia!

Junior Golf Charli Edwards

Our latest junior golf Q&A is here and features our very first junior golfer from Australia! We spoke with Charli and her Dad, Glenn from Australia about their love of golf and the ambitions of the super talented 10 year old leftie.  Charli has been competing in US Kids Golf tournaments and has been selected […]

Junior Golfer Q&A – Maren Richards, United States

Junior Golfer Maren Richards

Our latest player Q&A is the amazing Maren Richards, 9 from Florida in the United States.  Maren was recommended to us by coach Megan Johnston who tells us Maren is a superstar, works hard on her drills and has one of her favorite golf swings! We spoke to Maren to learn more about why she […]

Junior Golf Q&A – Addy Chivers, USA

Addy Chivers Junior Golf

We are delighted to have recently spoken with Addy.  Addy is a 14 year old junior golfer from Orlando, Florida.  Addy currently volunteers her time coaching junior golfers through the LPGA*USGA Girls Golf program.  We spoke with Addy to learn about her love of golf, coaching and practicing with some of the best female golfers […]

Junior Golf Q&A – Brody MacIver, Scotland

Brody MacIver Golf

Junior Golf Q&A – Brody MacIver Swinging into our Q&A this week is a very special golfing talent.  At just 6 years old, his talent knows no bounds.  Having secured a win on the British Junior Golf Tour, Brody incredibly secured 6 wins on the Robert Rock Junior Golf Tour, enough to secure the 2020 […]

Junior Golf Q&A – Khloe Butts, Virginia Beach, USA!

Junior Golfer Khloe Butts

Our latest player Q&A is Khloe Butts from Virginia Beach in the United States.  Khloe, 6, is everything we love about junior golf.  A free spirit, enthusiastic with amazing energy and love for golf.  Check out her profile on Instagram here Khloe_Golfer_Girl.  We spoke with Khloe and her Dad to learn more! What’s your first […]

Junior Golfer Q&A – Macie Rasmussen, United States

JuniorGolf MacieRasmussen

Our latest player Q&A is Macie Rasmussen, from the United States.  Macie, who is 11 years old, is a student at the Michelle Holmes School of Golf in Virginia. Macie is making a big impact on the junior golf scene in the United States having won the US Kids Golf Williamsburg Classic in 2020.  Having […]