Golf Cubs Race to 18

Golf Cubs, Race to 18 is a brand new concept which allows children aged between 7 and 12 years, the opportunity to learn about the the rules of golf in a fun and interactive way.

Learning the rules of golf can be fun!

Golf Cubs was created by award-winning PGA Professional Coach, Tom Hefford.  After teaching golf to students in the midlands, came up with the idea to help children keep in touch with golf and ‘bridge the gap between lessons’.

During his coaching, Tom identified a ‘missing piece’ for junior golfers that helped children continue in their love of golf, that helped increase their understanding the more technical fundamentals of golf.

Race To 18 is one big race!  Work your way around the board to collect all 18 hole cards and get back safely to the Cubhouse!

What’s In The Box
1 Game Board
5 Cub Counters
1 Dice
90 Hole Cards (5 Sets of 18 Holes)
35 Rules & Etiquette Cards
36 Game Play & General Knowledge Cards
1 Magic Card
1 Instruction Booklet

Recommended Age: 7+
Players/Teams: 2-5
Game Duration: 45-60 Minutes




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