Our Story

Noisy Golf was founded in June 2020.

The idea of Noisy Golf came from the original noisy golfer – Isaac, our son who started playing golf, aged 5 in 2019.

We found that the choice of child-friendly golf clothing was limited and to be frank… A little boring.

And so Noisy Golf was born…

Our name comes from the excitement and fun, we see in Isaac, which he shows every single time he plays golf.

Noisy Golf is about being expressive, fearless and fun.  Whether it’s on the range, the course, or chipping in your garden, golf is about having fun.

As parents of our very own noisy golfer, we invite you and your noisy golfers to join us on our journey!


To empower and engage children in sports, so they are free to bring character and action


An ever evolving, child focused sports brand


Be seen and heard!

As an ever evolving, child focused sports brand, we want to engage directly with parents and children to help them find designs and clothing that they love. Community is at the heart of Noisy Golf.

Jayde Ellis - Founder

Noisy News

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